Wednesday, April 17, 2013

no. 16

                #1 How To Heal A Broken Heart           #2 Desire, Clarity, Genius: Michael Jordan

This week you get two-for-one because I've been in a "Spin Cycle." 
Huh? Yes. Spin Cycle.  

Sometimes we get weighed down with things in our lives that we no longer require. Lesson learned. Chapter complete. If you think of completing phases in our lives like clothes going through a wash cycle: Wash & Bleach, Rinse, Spin, Dry, Wear!

That's what it's been like for me the last several months of my life. I've just come out of a dizzying spin cycle, shaking myself out and getting my bearings after a tsunami-like whirling, 'round and 'round with my eyes closed.  

The beginning of the "I Feel Insecure: Letting Go Of My Little Monster" video diary series was such a pivotal action of my "Wash & Bleach, Rinse" cycles. I let a lot go and bid farewell to my lovely locks. So you know what came next... SPIN!!!! Whoo Hoo!!!!

So if this resonates or you feel like, "Oh my God Akua! Me too!", you'll really enjoy these two "Frolicking Naked Video Diaries." 

Enjoy Beautiful! There's such Love, Beauty & Divine Magic where we stand. Breath Deep and Give Thanks. xoxox Akua

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