Thursday, June 20, 2013

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CLICK the PLAY button to view "Life Skills: A Tribute to Bea Harris"

I just returned from traveling to Chicago for a couple of weeks to produce and honor my mother (Bea Harris) on the occasion of her retirement from 47 years of teaching: Life Skills which includes World Cuisine and Home Economics. 

Ever since I can remember she has been my first inspiration and example of what it is to be an extraordinary human being . . . really, a superwomangoddess.

Witnessing my mother's culmination of a beautiful and successful era of service has inspired me to take stock of who I am and my own journey. Going through a legion of documents, photos, art, journals and planners I returned to the City of Angels in a bit of a retrograde. Retrogrades are a time when a planet appears to be going backwards but it's actually at a standstill.  I've been reviewing and researching my life and my Self; utilizing all forms of divination and inquiry.

We are all building legacies as we pass through each moment, day, week, season, year.   The seemingly mundane becomes a body of work later to be reviewed and enjoyed.

After studying my mother's career journey for the last several months, what I was most left with is that Bea Harris discovered what she was born to do and has shared it with love: from the White House, to Seventh Avenue and the islands of the Caribbean in the most profound way through a legion of students of national diversity in whom she planted her seed of Love.  Her story is a beautiful love story that continues to unfold. CLICK the VIDEO above to watch a short film on my phenomenal mother.

So what love story are you (we) creating each day?
What will your (our) legacy look like after 47 days?

This week I salute and honor the greatest love of my life: Bea Harris.
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  1. Beautiful, Akua. I do love your mom's style - past and present.

    1. Thank you Angel. She's a bad sista. Isn't she fly?

    2. Yes! You make so much more sense to me now. You get it from your Momma! :) Before she starts off on another journey of inspiration, I'm just going to show up in Chicago with my sewing machine and tell her you sent me. ;)

    3. Yes. I do! She would truly love you and the two of you would have a wonderful love fest. :)


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