Thursday, March 28, 2013

no. 15

This week's "Frolicking Naked Diary" is about my favorite topic: Love & Relationships.

We established early in our "Frolicking Naked" journey that "being happy" is the ultimate beauty regimen.  So what there is to do is to remove or neutralize anything that keeps us from being peaceful and happy.  In the area of "blindspots" and "patterns" in my life, I did a little scientific experiment. 

I went to some of my former Loves and asked, "What Was It Like Being In A Relationship With Me?" I got answers and a lot more than I asked for; I got a HUGE BREAKTHROUGH!  Take a look and get ready for your own assignment. :)

xoxox Akua

Want to know what products I used in the video?  
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Love & Relationships: 
Learning From Your Ex [no. 7] Video Diary

What products/tools did I use?
Note: All products are HBAC-Approved unless noted by an asterisk. *

•  Beauty Minerals (My own personal formula. Available now in my boutique.

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