Thursday, March 21, 2013

no. 14

. . . Maintaining the Queendom
. . . Seeking the Queendom Within
. . . Nurturing the Goddesshood
. . . Being a Muse

This week's "Frolicking Naked Diary" was inspired by a documentary film I saw this week.
 Carmen & Geoffrey
Sometimes a man's perspective is exactly what is needed to make things more clear. And I'll share in this week's video diary the thing Geoffrey Holder said about his wife Carmen de Lavallade that made me take pause. It's a wonderful standard to create for yourself as well as in your union. The ultimate celebration of one's Self is how we take care for Self. When THAT is in order Beautiful . . . SO MUCH magic and inspiration occurs in, around and about you. Are you up for some magic and inspiration?  Happy Spring! xoxox Akua

Want to know what products I used in the video?  
Scroll down. :)

Are You A Queen?  
Maintainin' Your Queendom [no. 6] Video Diary

What products/tools did I use?
Note: All products are HBAC-Approved unless noted by an asterisk. *

•  Sunflower Seed Butter (Trader Joe's)*
•  Raw Flax Seed Crackers *

                        For HBAC-Approved products visit: The Healing Beauty Arts Council                                           

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