Thursday, August 18, 2011

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This week I've been heavily inspired by a Nike TV spot that I did with one of my most legendary clients, Michael Jordan many years ago. In the spot he talked about failure being essential to success.  He gave the stats of how many shots he missed and games he lost. 

"I’ve  failed over and over and over again - and that is why I succeed."    CLICK to see spot
The spot so powerfully shows people the other side of success, a more realistic picture of the process. We all miss, fail, and screw up at times. That's actually what it looks like when we are approaching success.  So the question now becomes . . ."Did I fail today?"
I’ve been on the holistic beauty path for about fourteen (14) years. As a holistic beauty advisor who guides and educates others on beauty and wellness I don’t ever want to appear to be perfect (although I do try sometimes) or that it’s always smooth sailing for me.  That’s no where close to the truth.  I have temptations, challenges, and screw-ups just like the next person.
So here’s my sweet confession . . . watch the video. ;) 

Keep It Movin' Tool Kit

1. Release & Let Go Moon Cleanse: Break Down & Build Up Tea

2. When I'm Jonesin' For Sweetness : Ani Phyo's Mango Breakfast Cobbler Recipe

and feel free to
 SHARE some of your biggest challenges and temptations that you deal with. Thank you for your time and attention! 

13th Waning Moon/Day  230: 2011
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