Thursday, August 11, 2011

no. 03

no. 1    SPIRIT
no. 3    DE-STRESS
no. 4    GET A KISS
no. 5    HEART
no. 6    SCULPT
no. 7    NO PETRO!
no. 8    FREE
no. 9    ADVENTURE
no. 10  GET IT DONE!

Do you remember when you first learned to ride a bike?
Me?  I was about eight (8) years old.  When I finally was able to stay upright and cruise around my neighborhood, I felt absolutely free. I could go far and wide without my mother or use of a car.  My bike was my car.  This summer I have re-kindled that childhood pleasure.  I bought my current bike from a friend leaving the country for fifty bucks, got it "tuned-up" and I've been rollin' ever since.

Initially I thought it would be a good idea to reduce my "carbon footprint" and save money on gas.  Good intention right?  In the process, I've discovered so many wonderful and abundant serendipities. So here are some of the goodies I found during an extraordinarily exhilarating three-hour bike adventure a couple of days ago.  

no. 1    SPIRIT: It just feels good to be free and open on the bike. 
            Riding without an iPod (which is much safer) allows you to  
            hear all the sounds of nature which is highly meditative.

no. 2    CREATIVITY: Each time I ride I get many new ideas,     
            insights and solutions.  Carry a notepad and pencil with you to 
            catch the whispers and wisdom of the Universe.

no. 3    DE-STRESS: If you are taking in air through your nose and 
            breathing out of your nose, your lungs get a charge of life   
            force while kicking your nervous system back into maintenance mode.  Riding amongst trees is 
            the ultimate. It's a beautiful exchange of taking in the oxygen they omit while they consume your 
            carbon dioxide. Taking in oxygen through deep breathing kicks stress's bee-hind.

no. 4    GET A KISS: If the Sun is shining, you get a nice dose of vitamins without drinking a drop of 
            milk.  A golden, bronze or copper body from the sunkiss is always healthysexy. Slather on a bit 
            of sesame oil and shea butter to avoid an overdose of the Sun. :)

no. 5    HEART: Bring the cardio out of the gym and out into the fresh air. Depending on where you 
            live, you may be lucky enough to have a variety of terrain and elevation to make your journey 
            more diverse.

no. 6    SCULPT: Ridin' up those hills will definitely sculpt your calves, thighs and bee-hind. Time to 
            pull out those daisy dukes ladies. Watch your posture dearheart. ;)

no. 7    NO PETRO!: Leave the car keys at home while Mama Earth smiles. No petro-emissions spout 
            into the air when you ride your bike.  Whenever possible, your choice to bike reduces the 
            demand for oil drilling and commerce.

no. 8    FREE: My bike cost me fifty dollars and a tune-up two years ago. That sure beats 4.89 per 
            gallon for gas, parking and the possibility of getting a parking ticket.  

no. 9    ADVENTURE: You never know what you're going to see. Walking and biking through 
            different neighborhoods enable you to really get to know an area.  You notice places and things 
            you'd barely and rarely notice while in your car.  On my bike adventure I saw three little wonders 
            of nature that made me go, "Awwwe."  A little shitzu puppy in a bike basket, two pastel-colored 
            butterflies dancing and a yellow caterpillar crossed the sidewalk. 

no. 10  GET IT DONE!: On my bike adventure I had a nice lunch, wrote in my journal and picked up 
            groceries from Whole Foods. Have a rack installed on the back of your bike and bungy-cord 
            those packages baby! 

So now do you see the benefits of getting out of your car and hoppin' on your bike? You will watch your natural beauty amplify. It feels and looks amazing!  Before you get on the road, make sure to find out and observe all of the safety precautions of riding for your area. 

Did I leave anything out? If you have more benefits that I haven't mentioned please ADD them below in the comment section.  

Thank you for your time and attention!

13th Full Moon/Day  223: 2011
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  1. Thank you, I love this post because I've never thought so holistically about the experience. I have a bike and haven't rode it all summer. I'm really going to try and ride it sometime this weekend!


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