Saturday, December 31, 2011

no. 05

I couldn't let 2011 go by without sending you a word, a love tap.  
Here are two things for you:
1.     A Thank You
2.   An Invitation
I'm declaring 2012 as The Year of Love & Beauty.  Ahhh...Love & Beauty.  Right?

I'm excited for you and I'm soooo excited for the magic that we are all going to be whirling.  We are learning to let go of our perfectionism and are setting out to share the goodies.
Why are you holding on to them anyway?  SHARE. YOUR. GOODIES. NOW! :)
The world could use them. Or better yet, I could use them, your mate could use them, your children, your co-workers. Get the idea? ;)
2012, It's so ON!

Please COMMENT and feel free to LET ME KNOW what you're thankful for in 2011 and what you're excited about for 2012. Thank you! 

13th Waxing Moon/Day  365: 2011
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