Wednesday, August 8, 2012

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Ok, I get a little frustrated at times.  ;0)
The topics today:  NYC + luxurious, pure and yummy products.

As a Virgo with a Venus in Leo (I love Love and Beauty all the time) I enjoy, NO! I thrive on the sensuality of love, beauty and luxury.  Having just recently returned to the City of Angels (Los Angeles) from a makeup/grooming assignment I had in New York for a client appearing on MTV and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (I ran into cutie pie Matthew McConaughey who was also a guest ;D).  

NYC: I absolutely LOVE the cultural jambalaya of NYC; the food, art, music, fashion, enterprise, and all the colorful characters. The "tell-me-yes-tell-me-no-tell-me-now" mentality. New York has a heartbeat of which the dreamers from all-over the world assemble to make it happen.

YUMMY, PURE & LUXURIOUS: If you're anything like me and committed to living a sensual, luxurious, passionate life. It can get to be pretty frustrating to have the feeling you're always looking over your shoulder, avoiding landmines for toxic substances and ingredients. I've become like Inspector number thirteen (#13) examining every product/foodstuff sometimes ingredient labels boldly toxic and unsafe while othertimes cleverly cloaked in "natural."  Just because I desire pure and safe doesn't mean that I don't deserve it yummy and luxurious. In this week's electronic rendezvous (video) I talk about my NYC adventure and offer you an opportunity to partner with me in creating a world where our most beautiful and luxurious places to eat, buy food and beauty products are all pure and safe. 

A NEW STANDARD & CULTURE OF BEAUTY: One day if I have anything to do with it; and I will, luxurious, PURE & SAFE will be the standard, not the exception.  The time has come and I sure could use your partnership and support.
Become my partner in compiling the most luxurious, yummy, pure & safe products/stores/restaurants this globe has to offer.

  1. [TELL ME THIS BELOW]: What AMAZING products do you know of that are luxurious, pure & safe? 
  2. VISIT: The Healing Beauty Arts Council site
  3. GO TO:  the CONTACT US tab and let us know you will partner and support this movement.
  4. GET:  a FREE listing of The Most Common Toxic Ingredients In Beauty Products.
  5. GO THROUGH: with "the list" in hand, inspect that beauty bag of yours for "evil"n' mayhem.
  6. REPLACE: with the most luxurious, pure and safe products available.

The more conscious and knowledgeable we become the more we can go into stores and shift what is offered and sold to us.  Give kudos to stores/restaurantss that offer great choices and make polite requests of those that don't have what you/we desire. 
We all deserve to eat yummy food and utilize the best products available. I desire to live in a world that I don't have to always look over my shoulder when it comes to eating and "making pretty" but explore the magic of this life.

[LAST CALL] The 30-Day Organic Beauty Detox™ BETA-testing Team: Wanna be part of it?
As we prepare to launch the long-awaited Organic Beauty Detox™we're assembling a BETA-testing team.  There's a special hook-up for those interested. If you're ready join us NOW! Purchase your program here.

For details simply send me an email: or give me a ring at: 877.896.6846.

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