Thursday, July 19, 2012

no. 09

Happy New MOON Beauty!

. . . are you feeling those retrogrades too? Uranus & Mercury.  Just take a deep breath and flow with things. :)

Anyway, as I write this I'm sipping on freshly juiced cucumber and basil (recipe: two huge cucumbers and a half a bundle of basil sent through a juicer) from my local  farmer's market (and listening to "No Church In The Wild" by Jay-Z from my Spotify radio station "Bad Religion" by Frank Ocean.)

GREEN in your body is like taking a happy pill. Drinking the Sun (breath of life) makes you feel good. I certainly don't feel like this AFTER I eat a cupcake or crispy bacon . . . hmmm . . . interesting. 
Nature does give us clues doesn't she. ;)

NEW MOON: The NEW Moon phase began yesterday. This is the phase of the moon cycle to begin again, re-boot, start a clean slate, launch! Although . . . I do feel that everyday (every moment) is an opportunity to begin again?
Check out one of our most popular blog posts on the NEW Moon and monthly (daily) re-booting:  
 RE-Boot!: A Six-Step Creation Ritual

[TELL ME THIS]: What do you do when you feel a little insecure and need a little comfort? I've got a very special lady I'd like you to meet. I'll tell you all about her in this week's electronic rendezvous.
She loves croissants, crispy bacon, donuts, french fries and pizza. Perhaps you have quite a bit in common with her.

[HOOK-UP] The 30-Day Organic Beauty Detox™ BETA-testing Team: Wanna be part of it?
As we prepare to launch the long-awaited Organic Beauty Detox™we're assembling a BETA-testing team.  There's a special hook-up for those interested. If you're ready join us NOW! Purchase your program here.

Check the electronic rendezvous above for details on all of the above or simply send me an email: or give me a ring at: 877.896.6846.

Lastly, I'm off to NYC shortly as one of my clients will be on The Jimmy Fallon Show on Monday performing.  Check my tweet feed for updates on that. 

Share The Gold. Don't Be Stingy. ;)
...and LET ME KNOW "What do you do when you feel a little insecure and need a little comfort?"  

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