Thursday, March 7, 2013

no. 12

Can you put a price tag on peace of mind, perfect hair & flawless skin?

. . . brilliant, vulnerable, fierce, sexy, nurturing, intuitive, magical, feminine . . .  

What are the daily habits of a goddess?
How does one activate their full spectrum of self-expression?

While silkin' up my hair and glowin' out my skin, these questions are on topic this week. With only a couple weeks away from the official launch of The Organic Beauty Detox  and so much to do, I'm beginning my own prep week to detox, reset and return to balance. In this week's FUN "Frolicking Naked Diary (video)" I'll show you how I spend a little bit of my "goddess day" by giving myself a Green Tea Facial Mask & Mayo Deep-Conditioning Hair Mask (. . . and no you won't smell like mayo after ;) ). 

Want to know what products I used in the video?  
Scroll down. :)

Peace, Silky Curls Glowing Skin [no. 3] 
Video Diary

What products/tools did I use?
Note: All products are HBAC-Approved unless otherwise noted.

•  Clarifying Shampoo (Aubrey Swimmer's Shampoo)
•  Essential Oil Hair Concoction #1 (My own personal formula. Check my boutique soon!)
•  Mayonnaise (select one with natural ingredients)
•  Hair dye brush (from your local beauty supply) 
•  Plastic wrap (from your local grocery)
•  Floral water Concoction #1 (My own personal formula. Check my boutique soon!)
•  Green Tea Facial Mask (Evan Healy)
•  Fan brush (Nick Roques Brushes: my old line of makeup brushes)
•  Concoction dish (Check my boutique soon!)
•  Happy Tea #1 (Check my boutique soon!)
•  White cotton terry face towel (from your local household store)  
•  100 % Raw Shea butter (West Africa or your local African store)
•  Moisturizer (Evan Healy)
•  Hydrating Shampoo (Aubrey Blue Camomile Hydrating Shampoo)
•  Leave-In Conditioner (Kinky-Curly Knot Today Natural Leave-In/Detangler*)  

* Not a HBAC-Approved Product 
   For HBAC-Approved products visit: The Healing Beauty Arts Council                                           

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  1. Love the tutorial + blog post. You couldn't tell it was your first tutorial! Absolutely perfect!


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