Saturday, July 30, 2011

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NEW Moon. NEW Spirit. NEW Heart. NEW Mind. NEW Body.

New beginnings are lovely, magical and so refreshing.
The first day of school with your new school supplies and new outfits. Getting a key to your new home and all of the possibilities of making this new dwelling your sanctuary.  Meeting a new love interest and the excitement of exploration. However, I see that EVERY MOMENT is an opportunity to begin again.   

We have thirteen new moons every year occurring every twenty-eight days (give or take).  The New Moon is a great time to re-boot and initiate beginnings. It's a great time to envision what's possible, make plans, create structures for bringing your desires to life and getting your footing to dive in!  When I feel I've drifted off course, I'm so grateful for the ability to RE-boot at any moment and take a fresh step forward. 

When it comes to taking care of your beauty and wellness I see that it's necessary to have many new beginnings. There are so many opportunities to get off track. Yes? For me baked goods is a consistent source of needing to get back on track with my plan. ;)

Here is a simple way to begin again at any moment.

Enjoy and Happy NEW Moon!
* Akua Auset *

      RE-Boot! A Six-Step Creation Ritual

  • REVIEW &  ACKNOWLEDGE:  I review and acknowledge each experience, lesson and insight of the last chapter. It's VERY important though to use this as fuel to evolve as oppose to marinating in the painful past.  Note: It's actually great to keep a log in a beautiful journal (or scratch' em down on the back of a receipt if you happen to be in the car at a stop light and add to the journal later. :)) as they occur so that when it's time to review you'll be present to the passion of the moment you wrote it.
  • GIVE THANKS: I'll never forget years ago when I heard Maya Angelou say, "In everything, give thanks."  No matter what it looks like or appears to be I give thanks knowing that down the line it will all make perfect sense. I believe the Universe is always working in my/our favor. Being in a state of gratitude is standing in immediate and perpetual prosperity. Like begets like.  If you're standing in perpetual prosperity you will be a magnet for more of that.  
    • RELEASE & LET GO: When you release and let go of the things that no longer are serving or supporting your ultimate vision you open up space to attract the perfect experiences, tools, and miscellaneous yummy-ness. :) So de-clutter your spirit, mind, heart and body (physical and environmental) space for the gold.
    • PLAYFULLY ENVISION: "How majestic can you fantasize? The fantasy of now is the reality of the next now. Jump!"  This is one of my mantras that I have on my iPod calendar that alerts me daily to the magic of that inspirational thought. Your ability to playfully fantasize and envision is your most powerful tool for creation. Done in a spirit of playfulness it remains light and fun as opposed to heavy and desperate. Take it from me, desperation is not attractive Dearheart. :)
    • DECLARE:  Affirmations work well for some. For me mantras are my medicine. Create a mantra so that when you speak it feels like the elixir of life!  It should feel like: "YES!" So invigorating that every time you say it, it brings you back to the moment of the original inspiration. Here's the other part of my daily mantra: "Now's the time to live our fantasy on a whole new level.  No more playing small. It's soaring time! We can whirl magic and manifest the impossible."
    • BE OPEN: Is your spirit, mind and heart open to receive?  How do you know when you're open?  You're open when you're not tightly holding onto an idea, way of doing things or expecting them to occur. My Facebook status the other day: "Our imagination is our only limitation and then the wisdom and intelligence of the Universe steps in to take us even higher.". . . inspired by my Beloved. :)" 

    13th New Moon/Day  211: 2011
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    1. Thank you for sharing this amazingly wonderful information. I am so grateful.

      1. You are most welcome Lovely. Here is an updated version of this ritual: INjoy!✨ 🌑 ✨

    2. UPDATE: 12th New Moon: Day 347:2020

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